Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dance like no one is Watching

Or like you are an otherworldly creature, exploring a Labyrith of excitement and joy.

Photo 1- CK and The TC Cat, as a leafy sea-dragon and an "AmyBrown-esque" faerie (a little goth i know... but somehow, that's how it always turns out.)

Dancing with a Pirate and Glamourous Kitty.

Captain Jack and the Lovely Baisleac continue to dance, while in the background The Leafy Sea-Dragon and I look like we're about to kiss. This amuses me greatly!

Question of the evening: Who is capturing who around here? (In truth, i didn't much speak to the good Captain Hook, but spent a lot of time with his good friend Captain Jack Sparrow. Can you Blame me??)

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