Thursday, December 08, 2005

When my baby smiles at me, I go to Rio...

There are little things we do for ourselves that make us happy beyond reason. Little things that indicate that life is good, and you have enough money or time to allow yourself a luxury.

For me.... it's a good, and I mean GOOD, Brazilian Bikini Wax.

Shaving is so Plebian, and hairy is .... well, it' s hairy. And while that may be fine on some folks, I just don't like it on me.

I admit that the process of hair removal is not a painless event (although my girl does a DAMN fine job at minimizing the pain). I further confess that being completely waxed has a few negative side effects (It's almost impossible to fart silently. An ugly fact, i know... but nonetheless true.) Still, the joy of being fur-free is one worth all the sacrifice.

Therefore, as a celebration of my upcoming birthday, and a sign of the fact that the bills are almost all caught up (yay for the new job), I have made an appointment for a little slice of masochistic heaven.

9:15am, Friday morning.... I'm takin' a little side trip to Brazil. *grin*

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