Monday, March 13, 2006

Return of the Cute Boy

OK some of you may remember the cute boy at my work. *SighGiggleGrin* I missed him that day when i went to introduce myself,and I've pined (just a little) since then.

Sadly, he wasn’t new as I once speculated, but instead, had been around over a year. Why do I say “sadly”? Because I found all this out last Friday, just prior to his “exit interview” (or that thing you do at the end of the day on your last day at the job! Grrrr)

Friday afternoon, 5pm and I was frantically working on something, when who should appear at my desk? Really Cute Boy, looking for office number here in HR. Even though said office was some 8 feet away from my desk, I stood up and escorted him there.

He went in to say his last goodbye and I went into crisis flirt mode. His time here was limited. If I wanted even the slightest chance of crushing, giggling or snogging, I had to act fast.

Thankfully, I am a Sagittarius. “Bold” is my middle name (and “Tact” is right out the window), so with my acting business card in hand (ok, in my back pocket), I went about discovering where his last moments would be in the building, and how I could get back in his sights.

To achieve this, I carefully manipulated the “you must turn in your security badge before leaving” rule. Sure, at the time, he felt the militant crack of the HR whip, but once he got here, slightly dumfounded look on his face, wondering why he would be hunted so…. I charmingly explained that it was a “Drive-by flirting” , a mere ruse to see him one last time, so that I could pass on my number and let him know I was available for drinks and conversation should he be inclined.

20 min later…. I met him at the bar. Go Me!


Jennifer said...

This made me grin :-)

Mardougrrl said...

Go you! Was it fun? ;)

Yummyteece said...

Jennifer- Hooray... made me grin too.

Mardougrrl- Thnx! Yes, it was a good time. There was a group of folks there to celebrate his moving on to new jobs (well, freelance work). But i got to know him a little better, as well as meet soem of the cool people who work in that department upstairs. He's gone on a trip now, so he's 'supposed' to call when he returns.... I'm hoping he does, but even if he doesn't, i made some new friends at work, and had a lovely Friday night.

charming, but single said...

That is such a Sag thing to do. Way to go my Fire Sign Sister!