Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Each little Slug here, cutting a rug here..

Ah, the joy of a holiday weekend. A rare occassion when, despite having two different jobs, I still manage to have at least a 2 days off IN A ROW.

Tag and I decided to go to the Long Beach "Aquarium of the Pacific" for one of those glorious days. Although it was slammed with folks who had the same idea, we still enjoyed every moment. From petting the sharks and rays in the touch tanks, to watching a touching 5 min movie on the majesty of whales...it all excited and amazed us.

I love the Ocean. I love water. I love the idea that there are wild and wonderful creatures down there, so strange and exotic. I love that there is still so much unexplored. So much of our living waters and their resident denizens remain a mystery, and I hope they continue to be so for many years to come.

This lemony beastie was one of my favorites.... look how he's acutally holding himself in place, between the rock and the coral. Like a tiny Samson, pushing at the pillars of the temple, save for that look of bored resignation on his face.


sundaycynce said...

Fantastic pictures!!!!! I was thinking your little lemony beastie looked grumpy or fierce before you suggested bored, but it is a fabulous picture of him. I love the Samson analogy!! Actually, if it hadn't been part of your aquarium collection, I would have assumed it was computer generated because his face is so clear. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Yummyteece said...

You're right... i much prefer to think of him as "fierce". Nice choice of words.