Thursday, May 11, 2006

Light fare: The A - Z of Me

Hello lovies. Don't want to feel like I'm neglecting this blog, but the desk has beome a busy place these days. So here is something light and informative to entertain you, while I continue to process a few things before expressing them to you. May your week bring you joy.

Accent: Don't really have one, unless I'm way drunk or way tired.... and they you'll hear that Southern upbringing creep in.
Booze: I'll always love a good Cabernet or a quality Tequilla.
Chore I Hate: Filing
Dogs/Cats: Love Love Love the fluffies! (although as they said in "The Truth about Cats & Dogs.... "it's ok to love your pets. Just don't LOVE your pets."
Essential Electronics: Cell phone!
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: I wear oils mostly. A good amber, or a spicy vanilla
Gold/Silver: Sliver, possible white gold, Platnium is best!
Hometown: Brandon, FL (just outside of Tampa)
Insomnia: Ugh... last night, from 4am - 6am
Job Title: Several.... Exec assistant, Studio Tour Guide, Dance teacher in training

Kids: 3- all are small, furry and wake me to tiny kisses and meows
Living Arrangements: 2 bedroom near the park

Most Admired Trait: Public poll seems to agree, it's my ass.
Number of Sexual Partners: currently.... just the one

(but oh the days of the "Haitian Boat" are legendary.)
Overnight Hospital Stays: no.... actually. Out patienct surgery only
Phobia: Ich Nasty.... Spiders.... Ew!

Quote: "One runs the risk of weeping a little when one lets oneself be tamed." (translated from Antoine de Saint Exupery)
Religion: Spiritual practice, but no organized religion for me, thanks.
Time I usually wake up: after the snooze alarm has been hit at least 3 times
Unusual Talent: The abillity to end up in bizarre conversations at the most unlikely times, with complete strangers.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Tomatos (are those fruits?) and Mushrooms... ICK
Worst Habit: Tardiness
X-Rays: A few... a while ago tho..... back in college, i believe
Yummy Foods I Make: Stuffed Grape Leaves

Zodiac Sign: Sun: Sagittarius Rising:Cancer Moon: Scorpio


fern_leaf said...

LOL! Great post! How do you make stuffed grape leaves? Sounds wonderful! Thanks for stoppinf by my blog, hope you don't mind I added you as one of my favorites :)


Yummyteece said...

I was taught to use ground turkey instead of ground lamb (for lower fat).... but either way, you take the ground meat, mix it with uncooked rice. once its all mixed together, take small amounts (about the size of your thumb) and place them in the center of a grape leaf (you can usually get these in armenian or mediterranian grocery stores.) Lay them out in a deep pot, with enough water (use also the brine from the grape leaves jar for a nice salt flavoring) to mostly cover the bottom layer. (so its sort of a combo of boiling and steaming them.) Squeeze lemon juice over the lot of them, cover and cook. it takes a while but they shoudl begin to plump when they are done (because the rice will expand within the meat). I cant remmber how long to say cook, because it's always been more of a site/taste test for me. Best of luck!