Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: "The Books I would write..."

OH... the books I would write... would be full of romance and adventure. They would capture the sensuality of dance, in such a way you could reach out and touch it like a freshly-picked rose petal. They would have mysterious places, full of fascinating creatures and mythical monsters.

The books I would write would capitvate the reader's soul, ignite their passions and invigorate their imaginations.

The books I would write would have a soundtrack of deeply beating drums, and haunting bagpipes.

There would be misty lakes in long forgotten forests, and intense and powerful women with hidden pasts full of intrigue. The animals would talk, the trees would listen, and the very Mother Earth herself would open up her caves and let you descend down into the depths of her core, where she would nuture and teach you and hold you safe when all other things seemed uncertain.

The books i would write would always believe in true love, always champion the honest and faithful, always hold aloft the hard-working, well meaning hero who acts from integrity, even when he's spent his last nickel, drunk his last bit of water, and lost his last lucky marble.

The books I would write would come from my highest self, and exist in such a place, that even if No one else ever read them.... I would be able to take them off the shelf, and leaf through their pages on my darkest days, and remind myself that deep down inside, I am a courageous warrior for hope and a staunch believer in happy endings.

The books I would write would inspire, reach, rejuvinate and embrace the very best parts of me, and by doing so.... renew the spirit that allows me to share that piece of me with all the rest of the world.

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Laini said...

Ooh, your books sound delicious! Like something I would want to curl up with in front of a fire with a glass of wine, while the wind howls outside. Beautiful!

paris parfait said...

Some great imaginative ideas here; could be fascinating reading! Nice post.

Adri said...

"the very Mother Earth herself would open up her caves and let you descend down into the depths of her core"

That is the most sesuous thing I've ever read. Fits so well with my idea of feminine power and links to nature.

Jennifer (she said) said...

All of your ideas sound great...I especially like the idea of knowing what soundtrack a book would have...what a fantastic idea. I'm going to tuck that one away as a method for thinking about potential stories and longer pieces.

fern_leaf said...

Absolutely wonderful. Hurry and send me one of your books, I don't think I would ever put it down...