Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: Monster

There’s a monster that lives in my head.

Gruff voiced, he tells me that being lost all the time is to be expected; nobody gets to have a job that makes them happy. He tells me that I need to buck up little camper, and not whine to everyone.

He says fuck off to people I care about, and right now, he’s just telling me to curl up in a dark corner of my room, with a bottle of anything that will make it all fuzzy.

There’s a monster that lives in my head… And he hates you all. He hates me too. He says it doesn’t get any better, and he says not to bother trying.

He’s a grouchy old bastard, that monster in my head. And today, sadly… he’s been winning.

I guess that's why I'm writing this.... so he knows that although I hear him, I don't want to listen. So he knows that I'm stronger than I used to be, and I don't cave so quickly. It's my little way of saying "thank you for your contribution... now shut the fuck up!"


The Dung Beetle said...

I think the monster in my head and the monster in your head are related.

Yummyteece said...

BJ, glad to know i'm not alone with him. He's a bastard!

Cal said...

Huh. This monster really gets around, doesn't he? I've been stuck in the same funk for some time now, too. May you be victorious in silencing the bastard!