Friday, December 08, 2006

She's Got the Look

The holiday/pre-birthday blues have a bit of a hold on me this week, affecting my dreams and making me a bit paranoid. So needless to say, I was not quite in the mind frame to hear the “compliment” that was given to me today as complimentary.

She said “Oh, you’re a big girl. But you’re surprisingly toned for a big girl.”

A Big girl? I wear a size 8, sometimes a 10.

I am not the “anorexic chic” so popular in Hollywood these days, and certainly no one has ever accused me of having an eating disorder. But seriously folks…

Some of the most beautiful women I know are lush and round and curvy, the way women are supposed to be. We are designed to have layers, which keep our innards warm, so that we can create and sustain life within us. (Subsequently, we are more likely to survive hypothermia as well. Go Girls!)

The whole contemplation of today’s notion of beautiful women reminded me of yesterday’s encounter in Starbucks. I was waiting for my Gingerbread Latte, when a woman came in. Her 6 inch heels were a bit over the top for the 10am coffee run. Her rhinestone bejeweled jogging suit was the best in Juicy Couture (and will never see a moment of actual jogging.) Her breasts were melons of saline so ripe I thought they might pop if someone brushed against her. But most outstanding in her appearance was her face. Modern cosmetic science had so enhanced her facial features that I doubt she will ever be able to “unpucker” again. Additionally, when she approached the counter from behind me, I noted that she mumbled incomprehensibly. I can only assume it was some version of “excuse me”, but who knows!? Between her collagen swollen lips and her overly botoxed nasal folds, she couldn’t move her mouth enough to articulate the English language. This is “beautiful”??!?!?

What happened to Marilyn Monroe and Mae West? Where are the screen goddesses who were naturally bodacious? Kudos to Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson for being proud to be curvy and real, while still managing to pull off being beautiful.

Because if our only two choices are “12-yr-old-boy-thin” and “so-enhanced-you-can’t-talk”, then today's women are in a world of hurt.

editorial note: while researching the topic on line, I came aross this post which I found both fascinating and a bit terrifying


Tag said...

Thanks for furthering my education with this post. I had no idea what a "Juicy Couter" was. I now consider myself learned.

I miss the screen goddess. Alright, maybe I was not exactly around then! I wish I were. Those ladies had style, grace and beauty. Luckily for me the Universe blessed me with my own screen goddess.

The Dung Beetle said...

I share you sentiment torwards society's "narrow" standards of beauty. I'm no "chubby chaser" but I do prefer women with natural curves. If I can't grip it, I can't get with it.

Personally, I prefer the Marilyn Monroe types over the stick-figures with silocone enhancements. Hell, I love me some Jill Scott, too!

Sorry... I lost track... what was this post about? Oh yeah... I agree with you.

Adrienne said...

*sigh* that's just ridiculous. Your body is healthy and feminine. Wouldn't it be nice if we women could just realize that beauty encompasses so many things, and the most striking attraction is fueled by confidence more than appearances anyway? Whyzat so damn hard tho??

Anonymous said...

HiHo for the idea that women should look like women!!! Nice round curved soft parts, topped off by a smile and the glint of intelligence in eyes which sends the message " I will not be abused, but I'm not so scared that I am unwilling to find out about you, and have you find out about me."