Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Under Ice

News reports that two mammoth ice shelves in the Weddell Sea have collapsed into the sea. While the event is a sad & tragic example of global warming at work, it has opened up a portal into which marine biologists can peep, and see some of the glorious and mysterious creatures of the cold deep.

Among the findings was this new species of epimeria, sampled near Elephant Island, Antarctic Peninsula.

However, my favorites have to be this brilliantly colored shrimp-like creature

and this remarkably magic octopus.

I will forever love and be in awe by the unexplored portions of our watery world.


Tag said...

Beautiful! I personally feel drawn to the open water on many occasions. Almost as if it were home once upon a time...

sundaycynce said...

I think You-Know-Who is very silly to have read this delightful little blog with it's lovely and special little pictures and have seen only your miniscule reference to global warming. Y-K-W is very miserable with a serious head cold and is quite crabby. Don't chu pay no never-mind, honey-chile.