Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rainy Beverage Spazebas

Last night, Slack and BetheBoy hosted a small Blogger gathering at Bar Lubitsch. Tag and I braved the rainy LA streets (and the hideous LA drivers) in hopes of stepping out and getting to know some fabu new folks. Mission Accomplished! Not only did we get to meet Randi, Mike, Leyla (and her honey), Annika and Rachel, but I also got the chance to taste my first absinthe.

Please understand that the night gets very hazy from that point.

I do have the unfortunate recollection of stopping at Del Taco sometime after midnight. If the smell of the car this morning is any indicator, we apparently ordered two overly ripe and really dead forest creatures who had recently frolicked through industrial waste. Oh, and a small Cherry Coke.

Gastrointestinal issues and wicked strange dreams aside, it was a lovely evening. Thank you to all who participated. I look forwards to the next eclectic gathering.


the slackmistress said...

HA! Thanks for coming out. I stayed up and watched bac TV and ate potato chips then slept til noon. HEAVEN!

WhosTheBoss said...

It was great meeting you too!

The Bizza said...

Ugh! Del Taco. I think I ate there once in San Diego. Once. Yikes.

Glad to hear you had fun at the geeky blog shing-ding!

Yummyteece said...

Geeky?? Nah, we were all the hotness! LOL!

Tag said...

I'm actually amazed the planets are still in existence let alone maintaining orbit after all the hotness that was in one place!

Seriously; Slack and Will in the same space as Yummyteece and Tag...are you kidding me? HOT!

The Daily Randi said...

But, wait, it wasn't Real Absinthe was it? I thought that was just The Fancy Name Of The Drink!

All I know of Absinthe is The Famous Painting called, "The Abstinthe Drinker." The Absinthe Drinker looks Very Drunk.