Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Complete 180

From yesterday's unlikely storm clouds to today's achingly bright standard Los Angeles sunshine.....

Mother Nature, I do not understand you.

Fourth floor balcony, overlooking the somewhat famous NoHo Arts District. In each direction, the eye can see traffic and construction. At the school down the street, children in matching outfits play what looks to be some form of dodge-ball. Inside, the air-conditioning whirs at tropical storm wind speeds, such that I"m reaching for a sweater in hopes of not getting sick. WHAT fresh hell is that?

Rumor has it, i may have to go to the studio lot for a big company meeting/shindig at 3pm. Wait.. let me try to contain that joy. No really.... *finds very very small box, puts joy inside* oh look... room to spare.

In other news, I remain disappointed in the performance of Jessica Simpson's line of lip gloss. It simply is NOT "deliciously kissable".

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