Thursday, September 29, 2005

Come Flames! Come Hot Winds!

NO, it's not the apocalypse.... it's just Southern California.

Flames continue to flicker all over Chatsworth and Moorpark. I have a friend whose house is in escrow, and is only a few streets south of where the fires are raging. I called to check on her yesterday and all she could say was "I don't know how to feel.... This just can't happen. It just can't"

See...she's only recently divorced and she and ex are both still living in the house. The decision to sell or not to sell was a very rough one, as both love the house and surrounding wildlife areas. They FINALLY put it on the market, and within 24 hours, had an offer. She saw this as a sign from the gods that the decision had been a good one. Now, only days before Escrow closes, the whole deal may literally go 'up in smoke'. I cannot even begin to comprehend the gamut of emotions she is going thru right now.

As I sit at this desk, 4 stories up in North Hollywood, I have a gorgeous mountain view, unblemished by smoke....

...unless I turn my head to the left a bit... and then the skyline is brown and grey. Thick and impenetrable.

Hurricanes, Tsunami, Fires… around me the world seems to crumble. Ma Nature is going to kick our collective asses and hand them back to us in a baggie….

And yet the microcosm of Los Angeles is a comfortable haven. I continue to follow the industry news. I submit my tapes to TV Shows that seem to want me (*keeping fingers crossed*) and I entertain myself with fascinating conversations, good friends and lots of dancing!

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