Monday, July 10, 2006


Ever have those days when you're especially clumsy, particularly incapable, or just down right ragingly dumb??

Like today....

I spent my morning amidst a comedy of errors that left me with a coffee cup full of something vaguely resembling a blend of grits and scrambled eggs (disguised as a warm breakfast beverage), a wet & tea-stained white t-shirt, and a mild burn down one forearm.

How does one top a morning like that?

Well apparently, one attempts to electrocute oneself. Just now… I put a live wire in my mouth. Oh, not intentionally (in that "Jackass" sort of way), but completely by not paying attention (more in the "I AM a jackass" sort of way).

I was crawling around under my desk trying to adjust some plug-ins, and I found that I needed a third hand to hold something... so, not thinking about the fact that it was still plugged in, I put a connective AC output wire in my mouth. Of course the moment it shocked my tongue (much like putting it to the tip of a 9 volt battery) I opened my mouth and spat it out. And then sat there overwhelmed by my stupidity.

I guess I should also thank my extremely buff squad of gaurdian angels that it didn’t connect to the METAL PIERCING in my damn tongue.


You may mock me now.


The Dung Beetle said...

Instead of mocking you, I'll share a story of my own...

When I was a high school sophmore, I paused from playing my Casio when I accidentally pulled the power cable loose. Looking at the bitter-end of the cable just before plugging it in, I thought to myself, "I wonder if placing this on my tongue would be like a 9-volt battery?" So I did it... and...

I recall that everything went bright blue before fading to black. I'm not sure how much time past, but I had a four-alarm headache once I came to.

Like you, my situation was not a jackass situation, as no one was there to dare or coerce me into the act. My act was that of a dumbass.

So, don't feel too bad. :)

Adri said...


In the immortal words of Amanda, it's a good thing you're pretty!

Yummyteece said...

BJ: You ROCK... thanks for the story, and I"m soooo glad i'm not alone on this one.

Adri: *pats self on the head* Yep! I was very very Pretty yesterday.

paris parfait said...

Oh, no! Thank goodness you weren't seriously hurt. Hope you don't have a repeat performance of this day anytime soon! :)

Josephine said...

Yikes! I hate days like that!

Glad to know you didn't hurt yourself too badly with electrocution! I've done that a few times, and it is always really surprising how much it hurts.