Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pissy from the Heat

Dearest Department of Water & Power,

I understand that I live in LA, a town fraught with self-indulgent people who do not listen to suggestions like "turn your AC up to 78 when you aren't at home" or "turn off lights you aren't using". So when our power shut down at 6pm on Friday, on the hottest weekend of the year, I tried to be understanding. We opened our windows (nearly useless without fans in them) and hoped for an errant breeze. We found our flashlights and sat in the darkened courtyard of our apartment building, sipping water and trying to think cool thoughts. It was challenging, but doable. Two hours later, when the power returned, we were most appreciative.

The fact this all repeated on Saturday was a little more annoying. Rumors of a blown transformer were whispered down the block, from one grassy courtyard to another. Still, two hours later in the steamy September evening, power returned, and fans could be restarted. Ice could be made in the freezer again. I longed to believe that you folks had some inkling of what you were doing, and I hoped that you, concerned about the overheated citizens of Los Feliz, were working towards preventing a repeat performance.

However, when we returned to our house on SUNDAY evening, to find the neighborhood once again dark and muggy, my patience began to wear thin. Even though the sun was gone, the temperature in the area was in the high 90s, with uncharacteristic humidity making it even more unbearable. I likely would have rained curses on your heads if my kind neighbor had not distracted me by pulling her laptop into the courtyard, and sharing downloaded episodes of "Californication" while we all drank luke-warm beer. My fury subsided as I watched David Duchovney do a lot of naughty things to half-dressed women.

At least it HAD, until I returned home last night (after teaching 2 hours of dance class) to a totally black and silent Los Feliz. Once again, some brilliant yahoo somewhere had blown something or improperly repaired a do-hickey. Theories ran wild amongst the overly-hot Angelenos as to the cause of the repeated outages, but the point for guessing why was passed for me. I just wanted it to end. Is that too much to ask, LA DWP?? That on the hottest weekend of the year, I have at least ONE day out of four during which I do not have to run a bath of cool water in which to sit!??

To add insult to injury, this last outage lasted from 8:30 last night until 7:30THIS MORNING!! We slept naked on sheet in the middle of the living room with the front door standing open, as it was the only way not to wake in our own personal puddles. The cats had bearly the energy to walk from one spot on the floor to another, before they collapsed in a furry heap. The ice bottle we put in the bunny's cage to help him regulate his temperature melted, and there's not more ice to replace it. And I won't even discuss the inside of my freezer, now a large lemony lake that used to be 4 "real juice" bars, because my blood pressure continues to rise each time I think about the massive cleaning/purging that now needs to be done in the refrigerator.

IN short, I really want to send you the thanks you deserve, because without your incompetence, I would never have been able to spend my Labor Day holiday IN HELL.

Many are the ways in which you suck!

With much loathing,


mikey said...

Geesh. It was hot down here (San Diego) too, and I think I lost 30 lbs due to just sweating, but at least we had power.

sabina said...

ugh. this sounds painful and reminds me way too much of hurricane season in florida.

sundaycynce said...

Hey, at least when there is a hurricane outage in Florida, it is usually not still in the nineties; altho our humidity is much higher than CA ever gets.

Sounds truly abominable and infuriating!! Especially the fridge and pet problems. For it to happen 4 days in a row, it almost sounds like Los Feliz was singled out. That does #%&*!

Yummyteece said...

Our humidity was pretty damn impressive this last weekend. Stirred memories of a Florida August.

In other words, yeah... it was pretty nasty.

Made me miss hurricane season.

Shannon said...

That sounds like as much fun as losing power in New England in February when there's a blizzard outside, the temps are below zero, and there's six feet of snow on the ground! (Except you, your pets, and your pipes are freezing instead of melting, of course...)At least it only happened to us twice last year...

Yummyteece said...

Oh Noz! Sorry to hear about the blizzard outage. That does sound particularly hideous.

Raised in FL, live in Southern CA... i have little to no experience with snow, so I can ONLY imagine. ick!