Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Random Strangers in the Elevator...

...can change the tone of the day.

General crankiness continues. I'm walking (in that huffy "i've got somewhere to be" way) back thru the parking garage, into the building and up to my desk, post lunch. Handfull of Taco Bell bag. (horrible i know, but i was totally craving!)

All the while, someone walking behind me. I hold the door open, but make no eye contact... sites set on returning to desk and avoiding humanity. Awkward silence for a moment as I stare forward at the blinking numbers. Then I hear...

HIM: "You have the coolest hair colors. Seriously, you have 7 colors going on there. It's great"
ME: "uh.. wha....oh *blush* thank you."
HIM: "You're new. You're on the 4th floor, right. I'm M***. Nice to meet you."

no, M***... Nice to be noticed.


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