Monday, October 03, 2005

Bootie Beyond Belief

Of our last visit, Amandarin said I left my bootie in Echo Park . And to tell true that was a night of fantastic fun and grooveylishious tunes.

But if last time was foreplay, this time was THE SEXX.

Way too much fun.

Perpetrators included: Amandarin, Adrii, RocketRN, Joshiee, Sexy Ass Man (women who have felt the glory know of what I speak- YUM), The Arizona Pup, and myself.

Our Posse met for pies at HOP. After a round of blissful nosh, the journey to the dancing began. A few wrong turns (by those that shall remain nameless) later, and we all arrived at the club, looking hot and ready to trot….

And trot we did. Right over to the bar to start the night with a round of shots. *wink* you see where this is going, right?

After inebriation commenced, the groove things needed to be shaken a tad. Keith joined our gathering, already in the process of rockin his bod. AZ Pup entertained the girls with his mad dance skillz, and Rocket got her swerve a little bit country style. And Me…well, I was sporting the new babies!! 8 inch, platform, thigh-hi black stiletto boots. In short, we were hella sexy on the dance floor and having a fucking fabulous time.

Bootie-shakin was interspersed with trips to the bomb-ass patio, for drinks, smokes and resting the tootsies. Props to Rocket who gave the Pup a lap dance that rosied his cheeks and… lifted his spirits. Mandarin, Adrii and I all pitched in to be a living drum set for the Nirvana mix, and by the end of the night, our entire grouping dominated the front stage until the closing of the club.

Sadly all nights must come to a close, Cinderella, so there were smooches and groping good-bye and all the sexy bitches went in different directions to rock the house (or bed, or car, or floor) in the ways they do best.

All in all, if you didn’t attend, you MISSED OUT!

(if you’re smart, you’ll start planning right now to redeem yourself. BootieLA is back on Saturday, November 5th!)

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