Wednesday, November 02, 2005

30 Days

Amazing isn't it, how the year speeds by?

As a Pagan, this is the beginning of a new year. Another moment of adventure spreads out before us, and we can jump on the bike and ride, or simply watch it go by.

At my desk, the giant windows fill with panoramas of construction against a hazy backdrop of the Angeles Crest Forest. With such busy eye candy, it is easy to choose to watch.

But watching leaves one life in a general rut, does it not? And ruts, however safe, are not my style of choice.

And so, in a declaration before the Universe, in a ritual to wash away the old year and make room for the new, i gave 30 days to the voices.

30 days that when I want to hit the snooze again, and the little voice says "get up so you can get something done"..... I do.

30 days when the little voice says "Please don't do drive thru again. You have soup at home" and thus i pass the BK and head home to heat up chicken noodle.

30 days when they say "Jump" and with faith in my heart, I do.

It is my intention, that in 30 days, this life will be unrecognizable, dynamic, alive, and I will be at the source of all that is around me.

30 days.
Sprout wings and fly.

Finding the spirit of adventure in unknown realms, she blurs the line between dreams and waking. As children do, she follows her bliss and leaves behind the “shoulds” and “have tos” of the everyday to climb into the world of belief in magic. -
Thanks to AndreaPalframan for her BEAUTIFUL image!!
"Dream" is only one of several stunning pieces of art that make up her moon cycle deck: "Attunded"

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Adri said...

That is such a good idea. I know I should do the same. It's in my head, in my conscious thought but it gets lost somewhere between thought and action.