Sunday, November 06, 2005

New Version of the Old Scene

For years, I have been one to follow the time-honored tradition of the road game known as “Slug Bug”. A wide range of ‘slugging’ has occurred in my world, from a college relationship where we released unspoken aggressions in forearm bruising assaults, to friends and associates who have played in spoken exchanges only.

He: (pointing) Slugbug
She: Bastard!

However, the Pup and I (in what would seem a “stoner’s burst of logic” only we were completely sober at the time) have moved the game into a new, and I must say exciting, realm.

We’re playing “Cop-a-feel Bug”. And yes, it’s absolutely what it sounds like. Oh… it starts off with a twitch or tickle here, but after several hours on the road (we went exploring on our mutual day off) the game takes on a new dimension. We’ve become FAR more competitive about this than we ever were before.

When we passed a series of car dealerships, he told me “If you get near a VW lot, you better just pull the car over before we kill ourselves.” And pull over we nearly did on one small back road that was overpopulated with German engineering. A road we later found to be accurately named “Johnson Road”. LMAO.

Now, I will admit…. There is a ‘law of diminishing returns’ about this game. The more VWs your partner finds, the less you care about looking around. But really… I didn’t mind.

Trust me when I suggest it, folks. Play this one TO LOSE. *grin*

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