Monday, November 28, 2005

Quick bit of star speak

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Wave farewell to your old self, Sagittarius. Maybe blow a few kisses as well. But don't linger too long. Refuse to get bogged down in ambiguous rituals filled with interminable goodbyes and meticulous inventories of the past. It's time to go! Off with you! You've got urgent appointments with the unsettling but fascinating future, and it's best to part ways with habits that have dulled your initiative and comforts that have numbed your courage. You're ready for more change than you think you're capable of.

I often times find myself a little spooked by Mr. Brezney's accuracy! I've bolded my favorite part. Unsettling but fascinating does not always sound inviting.... but it sounds like the kind of life I long to live.
Saw "Rent" yesterday, and was a bit daunted by how ordinary and 'un-passionate' life has been lately. Where is the artist who longed to live in chilly lofts for the sake of art? When did I become so staid in my ways? When did I choose the road more travelled, and how can I find my way back to the other?

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