Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Figment 4- You just won an Oscar....

"Knowing millions of people around the world are watching you, who would you want to thank?"

My family- My dream shocked and challenged you, but when you finally began to believe in it, you did so very much to support it.

My first therapist, Toni - who taught me how you find what you need to find in order to do what you need to do. She also called me beautiful.

To DreamSchool & Critterlover, who slogged endless hours of holding me while I wept. And to all the strong women in my life who have blessed me with their ferocious love and friendship, including but not limited to LunaMoonSong, Shazam, Mandarin

To the Goddesses who have taught me to think, to read, to dance, & to empower and heal myself and other women. (Specifically Mrs Cross, Mrs. D’Angelo, Mrs. Lovelace, Ruth, Rosemary, Bellezza, Marisa & Dirt)

To the Universe, for supporting a dream, challenging my limitations, and allowing me to learn, to grow, and ultimately be a flawed but entirely loveable and perfect child.

To the producers, directors, & writers who invited me to share this creative vision with them.

To the agents who had faith in me, despite the fact that I am not the typical Hollywood Beauty, nor do I ever intend to be the typical Hollywood Size 2.

Lastly, to the lost loves, the fair-weather & fall-away friends, to the ones who have wished me harm or ill…. Your energies called me to be everything I could be, to reach down into the depth of my soul and pull up strength I could not before even IMAGINE was in me. The challenges and wounds that occurred because of my interaction with you have helped create the Damn Special and Totally Amazing person standing up here today. And have allowed me to be PROUD OF WHO I AM and what I stand for.

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Amy The Writer said...

And see, all I could think of to say in this figment challenge was "Apparently I have nodded off during the ceremonies, and am having the most lovely dream of winning an Oscar right now." You are much more gracious than I. :)