Wednesday, January 18, 2006

WK 2 Figment

If all expenses were paid, and your safety guaranteed, where in the world would you go?


Jennifer said...

i'm about...oh...every figment behind but one. i saw your first piece at swirly. it made me happy :-) i've been gone but am planning to get back on the figment train. i love seeing what people have sent in...jennifer

kfc said...

I would go in search of the perfect island... perfection in my mind being warm weather, friendly people, lots of trees and waterfalls. A place where they have never heard of pantyhose or neckties and a traffic jam is three cars at the stop light.

Yummyteece said...

Jennifer, while i have done them... i haven't sent them in, so I"m basically behind as well. LOL. Don't sweat it... we are busy women.

KFC, ooooh... your perfect island does sound amazing. Today at lunch, i think I'll close my eyes for a moment and imagine myself there. *sigh*