Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I sound my Barbaric YAWP from the rooftops of 2006

So many women that I admire and find strong have talked about putting together a theme for 2006. [read any of these: Superhero journal, Amandarin, Adri or challenge yourself with Swirly Girl's 52 Fragments Assignment . Setting your theme is week 1. ]

I looked at “Courageous Passions” as a possible theme. That was my possibility that I created in Landmark’s Advanced Course years ago, and it still lights me up. However, it’s lacking newness and also… right now, it’s not capturing the intensely angry frustrated feelings I’m having regarding patterns in my life.

I considered “Release” as a theme…. Because my 30 day experiment in November, where I gave over to the Universe, really opened up doors and provided me with opportunities and love. However, it too sells short the churning intensity that I’ve been experiencing.

I thought of “The Year of Me”, because I need to learn to honor myself, to prioritize my needs and wants, and (OMG, in the middle of this entry, I’ve ended up on the phone with an amazing woman whom I honor and respect, and she’s telling me how her life has changed since she started honoring her self, her dreams and her needs. Talk about Universal confirmation. As she said “If stress is gonna kill ya, let it be our own stress, not everyone else’s.” She’s talking about the year of Miracles.... ooooh that sounds cool. But it’s still not capturing what I’m feeling.)

I thought about the year of “YES”, positive thought and action, permission. Then I thought about putting that together with “Year of ME” and having a year of “Me, YES, ME!” Fun, but now it’s beginning to sound like a cheer. I want more than a cheer, I want a battle cry.

I thought about my favorite Isadora Duncan quote, which scrolls across my monitor as my screensaver. “You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” So… the year of “Untamed…” but untamed… what?

The word “Serendipity” leapt to mind… Untamed Seredipity? Is that it? It’s two pretty words, put together well… but it was still lacking something. Fire. The right and ability to be angry if I need to be (one of my “101 in 1001” was to allow myself to feel and express anger). I need something more… Grrrrrrr… ya know?

And then it hits me…. I need something more ferocious. And just thinking the word, it clicks. I don’t need something “more ferocious” … I need “Ferocious”. Ferocious has forward movement, anger, passion untamed. Ferocious carries with her a full set of claws.

But I don’t want to force it. As I said before… the release and flow of the universe brought so many rewards last November. She has her plan for us, and she guides us down the river if we let her…. And the word for that is…. Serendipity. Things happening and unfolding as they are supposed to.

And suddenly it all falls into place. This year... I declare the theme of 2006 to be FEROCIOUS SERENDIPITY.

Now folks…. Whose gonna join me? What is YOUR theme for the upcoming year?


Jennifer said...

got fig. 1 out in the mail today and up on my blog. it felt good to see it through.

Jennifer said...

i meant frag.1 :-)