Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Running Ragged

"Where does the time go?
Simply too few hours in the day.

Oh, a Diva's work is never done."
~ Carlotta's song, "Phantom"
(that's the Yeston & Kopit version folks! Far Superior, IMHO, that the Andrew Lloyd Webber one)

Seriously, I haven't seemed to catch up lately. The good news is that it's largely been all positive.

  • The day job took a brief header into unhappy land, and it continues to be insanely busy... but the morale is improving, and the long awaited employee "Bash" that I had to organize is finally coming together nicely. It occurs this Friday, and after that, I should be less crazed.
  • The Dance Studio continues to be a source of joy and challenge in my life. Class + Training + Front Desk Duties = additional job with heck of a commute. And my body is in a rebellious phase, where it just doesn't want to release into the music. The feeling is that of being a shaken bottle of soda... just waiting for the cap to twist.
  • Got cast in 2 (count em.... 2!) Voice Over jobs with a major video game company. Have recorded one already, and just scheduled studio time for the second. Sadly, I can give you no further details as they are both top secret projects.
  • Also cast in Infomercial for upcoming fitness product. You know the type... just "5 min a day" (small print at bottom says "... when used as a part of a regular workout routine and balanced eating plan"). Well, the product is fairly simple ... it's the regular workout and eating plan that summarily kicking my ass. Particularly the part where I get up at 5am M, W, & F mornings so I can make it to the gym to meet the group with the trainer. UGH!
  • I inherited a short-term emergency roomie. She's a genteel and sweet thing whose luck has not been the greatest as of late, so I'm offering her safe space and hopefully some entertaining conversation. She brings with her 2 kitties, who are characters in their own rights... and so the household inhabitants number is (counting all the fur babies) up to 7. We are grossly outnumbered by the carnivores, but as long as they don't have thumbs, we will continue our reign of matriarchal tyranny.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least in my life.... Tag & I continue to be deliriously happy, despite the distance difficulties. Late July, we are scheduled for a long weekend on an island, and that is the touchstone that keeps me plugging ever forward.

That, my dears, is all the news fit to print. I'd love to be wittier .... but I'm just too damn tired.


Kuan Gung said...

I'm not sure how you do say you're high energy may be an understatement...congrats...have a good life...

Adri said...

Rock on mamasita. Say hi to Cricket for me.

The Dung Beetle said...

You definate put me and my lethargic, couch-potato, Dorito-punishing ways to shame.

I'm most interested in the voice-over gigs... I know you're a multi-faceted artist, but how does one get into those gigs? Sounds like intriguing work.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I am amazed at your energy! Care to bottle that?

I think it's wonderful that you are making so many inroads into your dreams! :)

Yummyteece said...

@kuan gung- thank you.. and welcome

@bj- Voice over is one of those "who you know" things, at least to begin with. I knew a sound engineer who used me for a couple of jobs, through which i met a casting director who liked me... and now brings me in to audition for anything he casts. i've not yet reached a point that I coudl make a living... but It does offer some spare cash now and again.