Monday, April 03, 2006

Punk Stripes & a Pearl Necklace

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror today and stopped.

Over the weekend, I put black stripes in my red hair. I'm enjoying the vitality of my little rebellion. It's increasing my 'sass' factor, and allowing me to have a little more swagger in my step. When I cross the road and feel the breeze, I notice I drop deeper into my hips, let my steps grow heavier, exuding from my skin some low-resonant hum that gives energy to the spaces around me, and tickles me into chuckling, even when there's no one around. I'm having an unexplained feeling of "freedom", and I'm not sure why.

Partnered with my punk hair and arrogant strut, I'm wearing the most girly pearl & crystal necklace. I've never owned jewelry like this before. However, it was created by a friend, and its sparkly lusciousness won me over (to the point of tears) the first time I put it on. It seemed to validate and compliment all that was feminine about me. It said it was ok to be pretty, or delicate, or vulnerable. It was an offering to the goddess within, and it was a glorious present to myself. And this morning, it sparkled from the dresser and asked to be put on.

However, the whole ensemble is dichotomous at best. It's like those teen movies where the cheerleader and the town bad boy show up for prom together, all dressed to the unusual nines, and then ride off into the night on his motorcycle. It's a conflict of interests embodied. It's odd, but not unpleasant.

It's rare that I can put together a look that totally feels like me... but today, I somehow managed it without trying at all.

Not a bad way to begin the week.


Adri said...

sounds like you've done some self-wooing lately... :)

Jennifer said...

ahhh i so so get this. i love imagining what you must look like righ tnow. and i love it that you found a look that fits these different parts of yourself. i have attempted this many times and am usually off because i am complex in general and even more so depending on the weather, the day, my mood, etc. and thanks for the great site link!

Jennifer said...

hi - i just wanted to say i hope things are going well. i know i took a blogging break last week but wanted to say i'm thinking of you :-)

Josephine said...

I'm a couple weeks late reading this, but I just visited the site, and that is very pretty jewelry!!

I don't wear any jewelry, currently.

It's a purposeful decision. I feel like I don't need it. I like the simplicity.

But, there is nothing like pearls and crystal. I hope you continue feeling so beautifully you!!