Monday, April 17, 2006

Two weeks pass

...and I feel there is nothing to show for it. A flurry of activity, always moving in this seemingly endless swirl. Like a dust cloud, all stirred up, but only shuffling around the discarded bits of trash and worry.

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. *sigh*

There's a lot of unresolved issues and angers floating around. Bubbling under the surface, not close enough to break like a wave, but certainly causing an undertow that is deceptively strong, pulling me under,when I thought I was having a lovely swim.

Meeting people's expectations. Having my own remain unmet (or sometimes worse, undefined). Even the articulation of a blog entry is just beyond my grasp.

And thus... you get left with a poem, cause that's all I have to give today.

Our love is like a dead squirrel
fallen too young from its nest
decaying beneath the tree that was once home.
There is no one to bury him
But as the seasons come,
the leaves will gently fall,
obscuring his corpse from sight.
Grandmother Oak, laying him to rest
Tree Dryads giving him a 21 acorn salute.
Through the turning of the wheel,
he will breakdown, feed bugs, disappear
under a foliage drop cloth.
Come spring, perhaps
some haphazard garderner
will rake clear the spot,
showing that he is gone.
Consumed by his Earthly Mother,
leaving a memory for no one,
and a fertile spot for something new to grow.
copyright yummyteece 02/19/06


Josephine said...


You might not think so, but I can tell you that your words are not beyond your grasp. This poem is exact in it's purpose and intent.

I am sorry to hear that you feel the undertow. But, I am in that vast sea with you.

I wanted to thank you for the kind thoughts that you have communicated to me through the past few weeks.

I am so very grateful for you. I would have sent this in an email, but I couldn't find one, so here it is!! :)

Also, is it okay if I add you to my site list? (If not, that's fine, just let me know.)

With Gratitude,

Josephine (

Yummyteece said...

OF course.... please feel free to add me to the list, and email when ever you wish. (i will also send this in an email to you, in case you don't get a chance to check back here)

Jennifer (she said) said...

all you have to give doesn't seem to be a poem to me, in this post. everything that comes before the poem is enormous in it's truth and yuckiness and motion. and even though i don't exactly what the particulars of your total situation is, you get right at the root of the feelings i've been feeling lately - and being able to read another persons writing & thinking, yeah, that's how that feels, (or that & that & that) makes me 1) want to say i'm here if you need me and 2) thank you for putting it, all of this, the way you do. from the top to the bottom of this entry. and thank you, also, for the challenge (on my site) made me smile. i think i felt caught too - like yes jennifer, she's right, you don't need to back off from what you bring to the page. it makes me want to cringe and curl up just thinking about accepting the challenge, so i think it's right on. hee.