Friday, August 19, 2005

An Awkward Feeling: Survivor's Guilt

So i've been trying to set up meetings with Pixar for some of the team here, and i find out schedules have been suddenly thrown off because one of their team members was killed in a car accident.

"Oh.. who?" I ask. They tell me his name, Joe Ranft, and then further qualify "He was the voice of Heimleich in 'Bug's Life'."

Oh god.... i was on the phone with that man like a month ago. I helped arrange tickets to the park for when he was going to be in town with his family. I chatted with him. He was light and funny, and I enjoyed telling him that Heimleich was my favorite character in 'Bug's Life'.

...and he's gone now.

he has a family.
his parents are still alive. How hard must THAT be? To be in your senior years, and suddenly discover you've outlived your son?

I didn't know him.
I wasn't friends or family to any of his.

Still I feel the cold breeze as Death passes by, black tattered cloak fluttering in the airless room.

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