Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Reflection on "Ago" - 1 year past

Final Chapter (of the 4 part series, now available on audio cassett for your listening pleasure)

1 yr ago- 2004

an interesting year... coming off the high that was the explosive end of 2003

-Spent first 5 months of 2004 looking for work, and scrambling to pay the bills.

- Get job at Universal Studios as Tour Guide. One of the most difficult acting jobs I've had to land here in LA. Lots of auditions, even more memorization and training.

- First casualty in my 'reduce the drama' program.

- I am blessed to be able to spend a week in ATL with Sigma sister, goddess daughter and a great deal of the Georgia based LJ posse.

- Dobby joins the family! My first kitten in 8 years, Dobby reminds me daily that older cats are GOOD!

- I return to school, studying first aid and biology. Not only do I remember how to be a student, but I find that I REALLY like it.

- Got job from HELL at DCE. Little did i know at that time what a trial by fire that would be. The training ground for "just how shitty will you let your life get before you take action."

- Perform "Under the Big Top" with Golden State Theatre

- Help form my little coven, HWofPS

- Ry & I end 3 1/2 yr relationship. The ramifications of which still hit me fairly regularly.

-Conquer my fear of karaoke

-Make $1500 in 3 voice over jobs.

- Begin singing with Dream School Diary

- Apply for EATM program

The great restructuring has begun.

Time to complete soul-shift..... 3 years and counting. Enlightenment, here I come. *giggle*

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