Friday, August 12, 2005

Serengeti Summer

An Excerpt from the "Global S" (newsletter for the SFactor)

"The weather is averaging around 85 degrees these days out here in Los Angeles. It's Hot. No way around that one. not much you can do to get away from it.... if you can't beat the heat, surrender to it.

Turn yourself into a lioness basking in the Serengeti heat.... Lay on your screened-in porch in the nude. Of course, it's best to do this when no one else is around. God forbid the mailman sashays by and happens to glimpse the naked lioness in you.

The heat of a life, the heat of love, the heat of living this day and age.


We all have our own 'heat'. Whether you're fifteen or fifty, whether you're large or small, black or white, pink or yello, you have heat and hot and life in your body and soul...Finding your kind of 'hot' is all about what turns you on about you. What makes you feel the 'it' of you.

Write 5 things that you're 'hot' about."

YummyTeece's list~
1. The hard afternoon rains of Hurricane Season in the middle of a Southern Summer, and that earthy smell of wet hot grass that lingers afterwards
2. Dancing- all types, all musics, all weathers!
3. That strut I get when I feel unbeatable and incredible
4. The curve of the back of my thigh
5. The feeling of TOTALLY rocking a performance

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