Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Birthday Brouhaha & a Bit O' The Bootie

Sorry, the Monday “weekend recap” is a bit late.

Friday, my dearest and oldest friend aged one more time. (by oldest friend, I do mean the one who has slogged the longest amount of time in my company). She had a celebrational shindig at her abode, which I attended (after leaving work in Glendale, going to my house, feeding my cats, then driving to Van Nuys, where I am house-sitting, feeding those cats, starting a load of laundry, checking on the plants, and then driving back to Glendale). There was live music and a fantastic spread of nosh. I brought her two bottles of red for b-day gifts, and brought a bottle of champagne for myself. I wandered outside to the courtyard, to listen to the music and chat amongst mutual friends. The mutual husband of the Utah family showed up, and there was much long lost hugging.

There aren’t many words for a night full of friends and festivities, except to say that by the time the champagne bottle was finished, my stomach hurt from my laughter, my shoulders were much looser, my mouths was grinning and my soul was at peace. Hell of a way to end a Friday. I went home, curled up with my own kitties, and passed out.

Saturday- up, shower, feed cats, love on cats, drive to Van Nuys, feed and love on cats there, as well as spend 40 min watering all the plants in the house (Yep.. there’s THAT many plants). Drive to Universal City, to log in another day as a fun filled, overly perky, tour guide. Bit of a slow start to the day, but the last two tours were LITERALLY back to back (that means getting paid a ‘break penalty’). (not to mention I lunched with the ever charming MJP) Then back to wardrobe, change, drive to Van Nuys to feed and care for cats and plants. Call the fabulous Amandarin to let her know that I’m running behind for our rendezvous for Bootie L.A.

We set up a time frame to meet at my house. I finish my Valley duties and return home to quickly dress and ready for a night that was an exciting unknown waiting to be discovered. The DJ’s are off the hook, and visiting from San Fran. The crowd promises to be as mixed as the Mash-up music being played. Could be very very good. Could be “eh”.

Results: VERY VERY GOOD! OMG, the mash-up CD hasn’t left my CD player yet. My personal favorite is Gwen Stefani vs Front 242… brilliant. http://www.rebeldjs.com/A+D_HollabackHeadhunter.mp3

Dancing, drinks with Amandarin & Keith, some of the best music I’ve heard in LA, and the fantastic moment caught in these special words, “She’s doing the robot, the Tranny’s doing the Robot!” We didn’t leave till they kicked us out, and even then there was a bonus moment or two … *grin* home…. Sleep… *headpillow* lol

Sunday- Love and feed cats, drive to Van Nuys… realize half way there that keys to Van Nuys house are still on dining room table. Drive back to house, get keys, drive all the way to Van Nuys this time, feed and love on cats, take care of plants, drive to Uni already late for day 7 in my working week.

First tour was laugh out loud riot. (and made a $5 Tip!) Second tour a little slower. Lunch. Back for 3rd tour. End of day, run into and start wonderful conversation with MacDaddy. End of day comes, MD & I chatting still about life, dance and the prosperity of a universe filled with Providence. Drive back to Van Nuys to care for kitties and pass the hell out. *headfuton* ( I know.. I’m a dork)

Monday.. get up… do all again at the Mouse House. I long for a day off…. I don’t see one coming anytime soon.

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