Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lava Lady- Heating up the world with Excess Energy

It's crazy! Seems the more I go, go, go..... the more energy I find to do so.

3 jobs right now, although one is about to go away, so I'm looking for a new one. I leave my house about 8am, and don't get back till midnight... IF THEN. Today is the first day in .. let's see... 2 weeks that I'll get to just GO HOME after work. I'm very excited. I have about 2 weeks of laundry to catch up on. YIPES.

This weekend, I've actually arranged to have some free time (between bouts of working at the dance studio) and you can bet your sweet butts I'll be outside in some of this glorious weather Southern Cali has been kicking up. I'm longing for a little quality time at the beach, or hiking up in the Malibu Canyons.

Next week, it's ultra busy as well --
Monday night, dance class
Tuesday night, coven meeting
Wednesday, Band Rehearsal followed by the Wednesday Night Dance Party (end o' the month!)
Thursday, dance class again
Friday, Dream School Diary has our last show of the summer season. Be sure to come check us out, as I'll be singing Lead Vox on "Last Time" again (yes, for you Danny Elfman fans, that is a cover from the "So-Lo" album)

I'll no doubt be "tramming" at Uni over the holiday weekend.

Highlights to come for September:
11th - Pagan Pride here in LA
30th- Bootie returns to Los Angeles for some off the hook tunes with the hottest San Fran DJ’s

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