Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Reflection on "Ago"- 3 yrs past

The Saga continues (although this is the boring part)

3 years ago- 2002

i have little to no memory of 2002.

- I was unemployeed, pursuing acting and living on the money my grandmother had left when she passed.

-I had long black and blue micro braids that went to mid back. I loved those things. Shazam and I formed the dance team formerly known as "Booty & Hair Extentions"

- Spring 2002, I joined Golden State Theatre for their production of "The NEW Adventures of Alice in Wonderland". I was spectacular as the Queen of Hearts, and lucky enough to develop new friendships with strong amazing women who work with that group.

- March 29, 2002- Ry & I celebrated our 1st year anniversary. I think we were in Catalina with his parents on the actual day.

- I worked semi-regularly on "Young & Restless" as a local bad girl (glorified extra work, but my reoccurances told a story. My first scene i was being arrested. My next scene i was in jail. I was a problem customer at a local coffee house. A voyeur of a huge fire in town, and lastly picked up a gig as a waitress at the local dive bar. In my personal 'backstory', i had a parole officer with a heart of gold, hoping to reform this young tough deviant)

- I think 2002 is the year that on Dec 24th, i UNWISELY decided to go out drinking with Alaska Bear& friends for Christmas Eve. I was drinking with multiple Alaskans, all of whom were male, and seriously outweighed me... so trying to "keep up" drink for drink was a very bad plan. Especially when we were mixing Guiness and Jagermeister. I would guess i had 4 - 5 shots and 6 or 7 beers within the course of 3 hours. The projectile vomitting began shortly thereafter, and stayed with me for a couple of days. That was my last really serious bout of alcohol poisoning. Hmm... Then again, that might have been Christmas 2001. It is understandably a blurry memory!

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