Monday, August 22, 2005

Reflection on "Ago"- 5 yrs past

Part 2 in the continuing series.

5 years ago- 2000

Wow... did shit ever start to spin wildly out of control here. I was 28 for a bulk of the year, and thus DEEPLY within my Saturn Return.

- New Years, stroke of midnight, i was on the streets of New Orleans, kissing the love of my life, AlaskaBear, wrapped in a moment that was a blur of exciting life, drunken strangers, magical city and amazing fireworks.

- Jan 2 to May, quick and steady spiral downhill as Bear can't hold down a job or climb out of the bottle of Jack Daniels in which he perpetually lives. Trying to learn to speak up for myself, i mention that "we" are not working and we should either attempt to fix it, or walk away. Takes him about 3.5 seconds to say good-bye.

- Dejected and crumpled and broken in a way i have not been before or since, i jump into "THE WORK" and begin to do everything i can to process that Saturn so a moment this heartbreaking will not occur again.

- Summer 2000 and the 3 year trip that is "The Bacchae" is finally being put on celluloid. Director and Producer are at each other's throats. Additionally Alaska Bear is also working on this film, so there are moments of "we need to talk" and moments of not talking at all. Moments of drunken confessions, moments of heated passion (read: hot post break up sex). Drama is everywhere. Sometimes I feel empowered, as one of the women on set that others look up to. Most of the time, I find myself slipping around a corner to weep, because Bear is flirting with everyone except me

- July 29- Dreamschool turns "29 on the 29th". It's a randy party weekend for me as well. My predatory need for vengance rises to the surface, and the "Haitian Boat" is born

- Nov 2000- I get my first cell phone. LOL.. it helps me manage the "Boat Boys". *evil grin* God bless technology.

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