Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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As bloggers do, passing one from the other. I picked this up from Amandarin who in turn found it at Superhero Journal.

The tag is to list 5 "cherished idiosyncrasies". I don't know that these are cherished, but hey... they are a little odd.

1. My family taught me long ago not to eat the first or last of anything. I of course have gotten slightly better at this since I live alone, but if I’m with a roommate, I’m telling you, that last Oreo will rot on the vine before I’ll eat it. (come to think of it, a huge amount of food rots in my fridge, because I buy it, but never open it.)

2. I always put my right contact in first in the morning. If for some reason I accidentally put the left on in first… I will still, without thinking, put the second one in the left eye too, leaving myself with both contacts in the same eye. Ouch!

3. I keep the trunk of my car full of shit I don’t need, just to keep the tool-box (which I might need) from sliding around making crashy noises when I make a turn.

4. There are dead things in my freezer. I won’t go into detail.

5. Standard theatre weirdness: I DO NOT say the name of the Scottish play inside a theatre, whether I am backstage or in an audience. I was at a show the other night, and hear an audience member reference the Scottish play by name and I literally shivered and was a bit panicked for an hour or so afterwards. Thankfully nothing wretched happened.

Consider yourself tagged!

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