Monday, August 15, 2005

101 in 1001

The Mission: Complete 101 pre-set tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. Represent some amount of work on my part). Be not afraid of failure… dream big, aim high… surprise yourself!

Inspiration: The 101/1001 challenge seems to have been passed from blogger to blogger, many of them starting (at least in the circle of folks I know) last November (2004). I personally found this in the brilliant blog of Amandarin

I believe in goal setting, and hope that this experiment will push me ever onward to discover what it is this Universe is offering me.

Start Date: Aug 13, 2005
Finish Date: Saturday, May 10, 2008

Below are my 101 tasks (grouped for easier reading)

April 07 Update: I realize that I gave myself an unattainable amount of travel, as well as setting goals that have changed due to circumstances. Therefore I am removing them, and replacing them with others.

Renew that Passport (working on this. Sent away for notarized copy of birth certificate. Will send that to LA passport office, once i get it)
Visit Rio De Janeiro REMOVED (postponed till after 08)
Return to New Orleans for a sultry sensory experience REMOVED: Written before Katrina hit.... I do intend to get to NO again someday, but I'm letting her heal a bit before i go.
Hike Macchu Picchu
Visit Montana for no apparent reason, other than it’s on this list.

Get to NYC to shower all my peeps there with overdue love and attention
Spend at least a week in Hawaii on island other than Oahu
NEW- Visit 2 US states that I've never been to before DONE. I realized after I wrote this that my cross-country road trip with Tag (in October 06) had me spending time in Illinois, Missouri, & Kansas... all of which were new to me.
See that GD park in Hong Kong! REMOVED (postponed till after 08)
Attend Burning Man REMOVED (I may or maynot go, but it won't be before May 08)
NEW- Take Tag on a roadtrip to Northern Cali
Go back to Temple of Sekhmet in Nevada
Spend a day someplace tranquil. Tuesday, May 2nd at the San Diego Zoo

Health & Fitness
Lose 30 lbs
Keep those 30 lbs off for at least 6 months
Go without drinking alcohol for a month (EEEK!)
Establish some sort of exercise schedule that includes 45 min aerobics 3x a week, and muscle toning 3 times a week (yoga, pilates, dance class all count for this one) I'm doing dance class 3 times a week now, so all I have to add is the aerobic
NEW- Participate in triathlon or another marathon
Tight Toned arms (such that you are never embarrassed to wear tank-tops or other sleeveless accoutrement)
Try Juicing for a month (meaning at least 2 – 3 times a week, replace a meal/supplement my craptastic diet with a multi juice beverage, freshly prepared. )
Take a Martial Arts class

NEW- Take a boxing class
Fast for 10 days.
Keep food & water journal for a least a week DONE, but I'm working on doing this on a more regular basis.
Do the Damn Core Secrets video I bought months ago
Incorporate daily vegetable consumption into diet. (green things, every day, for at least a month)
Regular (at least 1x a month) massage
Regular (at least 1x a month) chiropractics Every other week, since Aug 2006
Get up-to date with all required “well-woman” DONE July 2006
Get dental check up (cleaning etc) Not only DONE, but I had my follow-up "6 month" check up in March 07
Buy new glasses, that have proper prescription and look good DONE

Attend 2 year EATM program, such that all Animal Jobs are possible REMOVED, for now: (even if I apply this year and am accepted, I won't start until August 08. So this will not be done in time. However, I've not walked away from this dream. Therefore, consider this item merely Postponed)
Complete Teacher Training at S Factor Slight change here... in teacher training at SoulTree
Teach my first Soultree Class (CLOSE... I shadow taught this weekend, filling in sections in two different classes)
Reprint Headshots!!
Get Cast in something you’d see on TV (commercial, video or TV Show) Amandarin pointed out that my AbPony infommercial counted for this one.
Get cast in a Theatre show (for adults, with at least 2 week run)
Get VO demo done
Get VO Agent!
Finally reach 1000 hrs at USH REMOVED: Because of job and teacher training, I have left USH
Investigate Dee’s class REMOVED: Just not interested in this anymore.

Start saving for retirement YAY! Started my 401K April07
Get a Day Job that doesn’t suck my soul dry, and still pays well Whoo hoo!
Have excess finances such that Travel is possible- working on this
Stop living Paycheck to Paycheck!- working on this
Have Finances available for EATM program (yes, student loans and grants count)
Find money for SoulTree Teacher Training Paying for teacher training by bartering hours at Soul Tree
Get 90K mile check up on Most Honorable Honda-San
pay off the money I owe my parents!- in progress
Finish up loan payments with Auriton- in progress
NEW- Pay off other debts

Begin Energy work to clear blocks (particularly to body image & finances)
Make Meditation a daily weekly practice
Swim with Dolphins!
Trance Dance at some sort of Festival
Experience lucid dreaming
Allow myself to get REALLY VERY ANGRY. Become OK with anger.

Manifestations of Material Goods
Find living space that feeds the soul but doesn’t rape the bank account Oddly enough, my own apartment is becoming this again. Yay!
Buy a dance pole!
I-pod (or equally fantastic MP3 player) With tax rebate, April 2006
New TV Oct 2005 (a gift from the Hottie)
New Cell Phone Sept 2005
Buy DVD player
Get that Jack LaLane super juicer thing that I’ve been coveting on Infomercials for ever. DONE!! Tag and I look forward to christening it soon.
Throw out dinosaur currently masquerading as home computer and get NEW one that works (and does what you need it to) DONE. Old computer gone, and I inherited a Mac laptop from Tag (the man of many computers).
Buy one of those GORGEOUS leather corsets I see at Faire each year.

Read all the books on my “borrowed from friends” pile
Find “The Vanishing Room” and give it back to M & B DONE
Rent/Watch “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra”
Buy “LOTR” trilogy on DVD. DONE
See “Sin City” Fall 2005
Write my own song to perform with band REMOVED: Sadly band is no longer around
Find and attend a rave (cause I’m craving one of those!)
Buy “Las Vegas” season 1 on DVD REMOVED: just not interested anymore
Visit a Dungeon DONE
Learn to dance the Tango


Get rid of that damn ugly ass loveseat DONE DONE DONE
While I’m at it, get rid of that horrible easy chair too DONE
Sort thru the boxes in the Guest Bedroom
NEW- Re-do Guest Room into Tag's office space
NEW- Paint bedroom

Finish and send in volunteer application for Wildlife Waystation!
NEW- Volunteer with Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah
Go back to getting waxed ( I hate shaving so very very much) Rio, baby!
Treat myself to a day at the spa
Get my hair color re-done (roots aren’t pretty) Done
Catch up on your back filing at the house!
Properly garden Although the jasmine didn't make it, the rest of the plants are doing well.
Make a plate of cookies for Christina.
Gather art from all various storage places and put it in all in one spot where I can find it.
Frame Muth doodle
Frame “Haunted Mansion” cat picture
Frame mermaid art
Go thru the kitchen fridge and pantry and throw out all the stuff I am never going to eat (i.e. if it moved to this apartment with me 6 years ago and I haven’t eaten it… it can probably go) Prep for the detox made me toss old bad foods
Prepare “Emergency kit” (with non-perishable foods, change of clothes, food and water for cats)
Develop the rest of the film from my trip to Hawaii (in ’03) DONE
Sell figurines and other such collectibles I no longer want on E-bay.
Sell that old wedding dress that Sonny left on E-bay.
Learn to hang up on Jackasses I'm getting SO MUCH BETTER at this
Finish knitting my (I’m a super geek) Ravenclaw house scarf!
Write 5 more poems.
Submit at least one of those poems to a poetry contest
Call or email Dino and see how he is doing. DONE
Send card to Brandy, check in on her. DONE, and I hope to visit her Fall of this year
Send a card to my Grandparents Thankfully got this done before my Grandmother passed.
Put together and box up all old journals (in date order)
Finish writing this Damn List THANK YOU! completed Aug 15, 2005

NEW- Finish DOING this Damn List

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amandarin said...

Seems like you can probably cross off "Establish some sort of exercise schedule..." and "Get cast in something you'd see on TV..." too!

Not sure why you have "fFnish this Damn List" crossed off, though :-)