Friday, August 05, 2005

Spinning Death in the Garden

OK, so i think i've mentioned that i'm house-sitting up in Van Nuys. And that i have a ton of plants that i care for there.

I've noticed the last several mornings, that when i spray the tomato plants, a host of small winged insects are disturbed and go flying around. However, this morning, i saw somethign even more the shed roof very near by, three industrious spiders have set up shop.

Now normally I am a serious arachniphobe, but this morning, i was stunned, honored even, to see the predators at work. As soon as the water hit, and the bugs began to swarm, the movement in the webs caught my eye.

All 3 spiders moved from what seemed to be a reclining position, to an "at the ready" stance. And as the panicked insects unwisely blundered into sticky web strings, the 8-legged would dance with the grace of a ballerina, over to the squirming form, and immediately begin to wrap them in silk. It was incredibly fast, incredibly deadly, and one of the most gorgeous things i've seen in a very long while.

I found myself not afraid, but just watching... stunned into a reverie. I even found myself spraying the tomatos some more, hoping to stir up another swarm, and watch the slaughter again. But alas, the spiders were not putting on some Vegas show. They were simply packing lunch and dinner, and once their coffers were full, they did not greedily go out for more. They sat by their tiny silk-wrapped sack lunches, waiting for the prey to die.

Mystical, and a little daunting. I finally tore myself away, with an increased respect for my arachnid foe.

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